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Seeing Abundance in a Small Town

As the Newport Sunshine Initiative kicks into high gear, the key to success is keeping a keen focus, a positive spirit and steadfastly maintaining an ‘Abundance Mentality'. Here is a snapshot of progress, optimism and a movement that is well underway.

Abundance Mentality

An abundance mentality gives the perspective of seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. It’s really the opposite of a scarcity mentality and it’s much more than simply a way to look at the world outside ourselves. It’s deep within our individual subconscious. With an abundance mentality you can actually believe great things are possible.

As I step back and think about the two views of the world - scarcity versus abundance, I see a striking similarity to another concept. The notion that ‘if you believe, you can achieve.’ If you have a strongly positive attitude and it seeps deep into your subconscious, without even knowing it, you’re going to be able to achieve things you never dreamed possible. It’s really the magic of the abundance mentality. And, happily, it can work for us as a nation as well as for each of us as individuals.

An Abundance of Sunflowers

Sometimes a spontaneous idea pops up and captures the imagination. I actually saw this happen just last week. An idea that costs almost nothing. But has the potential to beautify, inspire and spread positive energy.

Here’s the idea. Small town, Newport, NH – is embarking on a Sunflower Campaign! Planting fields of sunflowers – to be located at all four major entrances into the town. An effort that will create buzz and excitement. A real live, everyday Instagram opportunity for tourists and passers thru. But, also an initiative that will actively engage members of the community from all age groups and backgrounds to help in the planting, maintenance, getting the word out – and simply sharing in the enjoyment.

Profile of the Week: Roy and Eeva Malool

Roy and Eeva see the ‘glass half full.’ And, wow, does it make a difference!

When we started the Sunshine Initiative last year, Roy was younger. Only 91 years old. Since then, Roy and his wife Eeva have been two of our strongest supporters. Taking leadership roles, volunteering, organizing and ready to make good things happen at the ‘drop of a hat.’ Being generous beyond belief.

A longtime Newport resident, Roy founded his company, Roymal, a leader in water based, or aqueous, coatings, in 1962 and still runs the business on a ‘day to day’ basis. His wife Eeva grew up in Finland and earlier had a distinguished career as a police woman in Finland before joining Roy in Newport.

It is the good hearted and community minded spirit of people like Roy and Eeva that allows a town like Newport to get back on track for a major comeback. It’s this same spirit in towns and cities all across our country that will be the key to ensuring a bright and enduring future for America.

Quotes of the Week

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer

“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.” Saint Basil


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