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Mr. Jay Lucas serves as Chairman and Managing Partner of The Lucas Group, a strategy consulting firm that he founded in 1991, focused on the specialized needs of private equity investors and their portfolio companies.

Previously, Jay served as Vice President and Partner of Bain & Company.  Over the past twenty years has helped numerous executives, investors and management teams set their strategic direction and grow their businesses. In addition, Jay is the founder and currently serves as Managing Partner of LB Equity, a fund that invests in small growing brands in the beauty sector – skincare, haircare and cosmetics – then applies expertise to help them grow and create value.  

LB Equity currently has investments in nine portfolio brands sourced from around the world and marketed in major retail channels throughout the United States. 

In addition to his business activities, Jay has been actively involved in politics and government.  From 1974 to 1978, he was elected and served two terms as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives where he was a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

In 1998, Jay ran for Governor, winning the Republican primary and then serving as his party’s nominee in the general election which he subsequently lost to the then incumbent Governor. 


He is a strong supporter of our veterans, leading the effort in New Hampshire for ‘Children of the Fallen Patriots’ – an organization devoted to making sure that every child who loses a parent in active military service can have their education paid for all the way through college or vocational school or whatever will be most helpful to that child. Thus far, Fallen Patriots has helped more than 950 surviving military children pay for their education. 


In addition, Jay is the founder of the Newport Sunshine Initiative, an effort to revitalize the town of Newport, New Hampshire, where he grew up.  It’s an exciting, positive effort that has garnered widespread grassroots support throughout the community and is on the way to making Newport and the surrounding area a shining example of success and growth. 

Jay earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, a Law degree from Harvard Law School, and a BA from Yale University. He attended Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar where he studied International Relations and Military History

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