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All Eyes on Iowa

First in the Nation Caucus - Iowa

‘Speaking with Representative Bobby Kaufman at family farm Sugar Creek, Iowa – with corn and soybeans as far as the eye can see.’

Monday will be the official kick off to the Presidential nomination process with the Iowa Caucus. While New Hampshire has the first primary where everyone gets to vote, Iowa likes to do things a little differently, they have their caucus. The caucus process is smaller and caters more to each party’s base but that does not mean it isn’t important.

In this week’s video I speak with Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, who is a young leader in Iowa and a champion for the Iowa Caucus. As you will see, it was during the summer when I spoke with him. Bobby is a farmer on his family’s land. In our conversation, he explains the importance of keeping young people involved and how the Iowa Caucus gives young people a real chance to lead. Like New Hampshire, the people of Iowa take the responsibility of being an early state very seriously. They ask the tough questions and thoroughly vet the candidates.

Bobby and I share a lot of commonalities. We were both elected to our respective State Legislatures at a young age, and we are both come from small towns. We also both recognize the sense of community and the importance of keeping those roots alive. I know that Bobby’s great energy and commitment to his community will yield big things for him in the future and I wish him the very best!

Kicking Off ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders Now’

This past weekend, we kicked off a brand-new initiative that I am just so very excited about. As many of you know, when I was much younger and in college, I actually served in Concord for two terms as a State Representative for my hometown of Newport. My son, Gates, is currently representing the towns of Sunapee and Croydon in Concord! A few months ago, this got me thinking: how can we get more young people involved in our political process and running for elected office? Serving in Concord was a wonderful time in my life, and I was hoping to find a way for others to share that same experience. That's when Gates and I along with Representative Joe Alexander came up with the idea that has spawned this exciting new organization, "Tomorrow's Leaders Now."

We have made it our goal to have 40 candidates under the age of 40 running for state office here in NH for the 2020 cycle. On Saturday, up in Meredith, we had our kickoff reception. It was extremely well-attended, and we even had a young man – pretty much spontaneously - announce his candidacy for State Senate! Wow! I am so excited to see this initiative get off the ground and make a positive change in our Granite State community. If you know of anyone that may be interested in running, please send them our way! We’d love to chat with them and see how we can help.

Dancing With The Newport Stars!

A huge congratulations to all the participants and special ‘congrats’ to the winners of Newport’s annual “Dancing with the Newport Stars” contest this past weekend. This great event is put on every year by the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce and the Newport Opera House Association. Special shout out to our friend Natasha Whipple who walked away with the First Place prize at Friday evening’s show with her dance partner, Mason Martell. Just another reason the Sunshine Town really ‘shines’!

Profile of the Week: Steve Duprey

The profile of the week is always something I enjoy compiling. It allows me to highlight the great things someone has done or is doing as well as give me the opportunity to reflect and recall some of the important interactions I might have had with that person.

This week I’m delighted to be profiling my dear friend for many years, New Hampshire’s own Mr. Republican Steve Duprey.

When I ran for Governor in 1998, Steve was GOP State Chairman. He worked tirelessly to ensure candidates like myself had necessary resources for operating a statewide campaign. During his eight years as Chairman, the party achieved victories at every level - from the White House to the State House. His days at 134 North Main Street (the old GOP HQ) were served with passion, commitment, and leadership. But after eight years at the helm you’d think that’s enough for anyone but not Steve. In fact, he was involved in and accomplished quite a bit both before and after his tenure as Chairman.

At 19 years old, Steve Duprey was elected to the New Hampshire Legislature. He was not only the youngest elected Representative in New Hampshire that year but the youngest in the country.

In 1992, Steve ran for the Republican nomination for Congress but came up short. It didn’t deter him from politics but instead, he redoubled his efforts applying himself to help see his party and the state succeed.

Steve was instrumental both in New Hampshire and across the country for Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign in 2008. The two became close friends and the network of relationships opened new opportunities for Steve to serve. Elected to multiple terms as RNC National Committeeman, Steve became an instant ‘go-to’ person on the national level serving on multiple committees and working tirelessly across the aisle to preserve the tradition of the ‘First in the Nation’ Primary, creating a robust election strategy, and seeing our candidates succeed time and time again, cycle after cycle.

Politics can be a tough sport and you can get knocked down, but Steve has been resilient and a consistent contributor to our state’s progress. Preserving traditions, upholding values, and with a positive drive to make things better.

Steve is a successful entrepreneur and community leader in his hometown of Concord. He and his wife Susan have an amazing family. Kudos to my friend Steve Duprey for his years of service and excited for what great things may on the horizon.

Quotes of the Week: Iowa

“I am proud to have been born in Iowa. Through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, it was a place of adventure and daily discoveries - the wonder of the growing crops, the excitements of the harvest, the journeys to the woods for nuts and hunting, the joys of snowy winters, the comfort of the family fireside, of good food and tender care.”

Herbert Hoover

“I've still got the same friends that I grew up with, I still go to the same places that I used to go to when I was younger, and it's just a very special place to me. I'm still very proud to call Iowa home.”

Corey Taylor

“Cleaning up the mess in Washington is gonna take a whole lot of Iowa common sense.”

Joni Ernst

“I was in Iowa one time, and I kept trying to fire up the crowd, and I kept saying, 'How's Ohio doing?' For some reason, they just weren't coming around!”

Eric Church

Outstanding people in Iowa. Very down-to-earth people in Iowa. It was a great place to be.

Mike Leach

“I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, so in Iowa, we didn't have a pro sports team, so it was all about the Hawks, and everybody was a Hawkeyes fan, and everybody had their black and gold and had something Hawkeye related.”

Kurt Warner


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