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Confidence Overcoming Fear!

Faith in our Future!

Jay and Karen share message of confidence and faith from the Town Common in Newport, New Hampshire, across the street from the house where Jay grew up.

This past year has been a time of many challenges. And, while there continue to be a range of uncertainties on the horizon, the good news is that we have within our power the ability to dramatically influence how these events will play out in our daily lives. We simply need to take control of our fears and embrace the power of confidence. While it may not always be easy to achieve, if we can take a strong, confident posture – throw back our shoulders and boldly move forward, we have the ability to take control of our future and achieve outcomes – even brighter than we can possibly imagine.

To do so effectively, however, we need to draw upon a sense of calm. Much like that of our brave astronauts. For example, the year was 1962. John F. Kennedy had recently proclaimed America’s intent to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. In doing so, NASA was tasked with finding the best and brightest within the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army to fill their Astronaut corps. Yet the parameters by which NASA selected these individuals had less to do with who had the most medals or scored higher on certain aptitude tests, but who was able to face the daunting challenges posed by space travel with poise and calm.

Traveling at over twenty times the speed of sound, hundreds of thousands of miles away from home, like in the case of those who were a part of the Apollo program, meant that overcoming fear and maintaining calm was essential to not just the mission, but returning home safely. In the event that something were to go wrong, a simple overreaction due to a fear of the unknown could be the difference between life and death. It was noted by many on the famed Apollo 13 mission control team just how calm and resolute its crew remained even in the face of being lost in space. Eventually, they returned home safely.

Similarly, in our day to day when it comes to facing our fears or, an unexpected challenge that upends a well-built plan or strategy, whether or not the outcome will be successful depends on what we choose to focus on. We can focus on what went wrong, let our emotions irrationally tell us we cannot achieve our goal, and submit to the problem. Or, we can take a step back, feel what we need to feel, but recognize that what we face is inevitably part of the process of reaching our goal. If the goal changes, we have the choice of managing expectations, learning from our experience, and either shifting our approach or trying again with the knowledge we’ve gained.

The thing about fear is that it’s typically the culmination of unhelpful perspectives that only stand in the way of what we want to accomplish, functions of our own perceptions and expectations about how we think things are, not how they actually are. The likes of Armstrong and Aldrin were disciplined in responding to their own fears with calm, poise, and tempered optimism, and continued to practice it, eventually allowing them to become the first men on the moon. Imagine what you can do if you practice it too. Embrace your confident self, have faith in the future and vanquish your fears!

‘Stay Positive!’

With Roy Malool, celebrating his 94th birthday. Despite being ‘his’ birthday not mine, he brought me gifts including a beautiful necktie. Sure to be great conversation starter for any business occasion.

You only turn 94 once. And the key, as Roy is fond of saying about all things in life: ‘You’ve got to STAY POSITIVE!’ What a remarkable story. As the founder of the Newport based company, Roymal, a leading provider of specialty coatings, Roy continues to lead the business on a ‘day-to-day’ basis – at the age of 94. Moreover, he is excited about the prospects for growth going forward as the company begins to capitalize on a new line of sustainable packaging and coating products to help transform the industry.

At the same time, Roy continues to be a leader in the process of revitalizing the town of Newport. Generously, contributing to numerous efforts, often on an anonymous basis. Roy has spearheaded major initiatives to improve educational opportunities for Newport students – focusing on highly innovative ‘school to work,’ and vocational training programs. He has been a leader in the restoration of the Newport Opera House and bringing life to its activities.

But more than any of his individual contributions, it has been and continues to be Roy’s positive spirit that makes the ultimate difference. He is continually embracing challenges with a positive ‘can do’ spirit and attitude. And, at 94, he consistently sees the future as a bright and exciting adventure and opportunity. Confident that every next day will be brighter than the last. And, as Roy always says, remember: STAY POSITIVE!

Going ‘Door to Door’

Confidence overcoming fear. Every candidate knows what it’s like to put yourself out there – and experience the ultimate in ‘retail politics’ – going ‘Door to Door.’ Walking up to those first few doors. Butterflies in the stomach – getting the courage to knock, engage in conversation, ask politely for support. And, knowing there is that chance – the chance you may face utter rejection. It’s the ultimate moment where confidence in yourself, confidence in your cause, and your confidence in the goodness of the American voter must win the day and overcome your fear.

A lot in politics has changed since I first ran for State Representative in NH many years ago. The methods to communicate with voters have increased but perhaps the most radical transformation has taken place this year due to COVID-19.

Granite Stater’s set high expectations for the candidates. It is expected that a candidate will go ‘door to door’ and try and meet every voter possible. A common expression in the Granite State is “I can’t vote for him. I’ve only met him twice”. We are a small state with a large legislature so it is understandable that candidates should put forward as much face time as possible. But what do you do when you can’t talk to voters? Things change.

Door knocking this year is now done ‘6 feet’ apart, wearing masks. There are no handshakes and the conversations are brief to avoid exposer. Candidate much gauge how comfortable voters are with COVID. Some voters do not want the candidate to even hand them literature. But politics marches on!

Zoom town halls have replaced traditional listening sessions and digital advertising has reached new heights. One thing is curious though, more people are answering those pesky political phone calls! Maybe the lack of human interaction is driving them to be more amenable to talking to strangers over the old telephone.

Either way, politics continue to change and evolve, and I am excited to see if in 2022, we go back to normal or if we take some of the lessons learned in 2020 forward. Either way, the role of steadfast confidence and a positive spirit will continue to be critical to success.

Positive Profile of the Week: Anne Akers

The passion to lead is exemplary. The commitment to strengthen a community is breath taking. And the desire to give back is incredible.

This week’s profile is about a special individual who never backs down and hasn’t been afraid to take the road less traveled. Let me tell you about our friend, Anne Akers.

Founder of GLOW Beauty Health & Wellness Magazine, Anne Akers has an extensive background in health and wellness and community leadership. With a family background in military service, Anne is a VETERANS ADVOCATE and has worked with several not for profits assisting female Veterans with re-entry into civilian life including confidence building skills and preparation for the job market. At present, Anne is a Special Advisor to Operation Warrior Shield, a 50l c-3, dedicated to "healing the hidden wounds" of our Veteran community.

On October 22nd at 7 PM, Anne Akers and the Founder of Operation Warrior Shield will co-host an all-star virtual Gala celebrating our Heroes and Healers with special guest appearances by Susan Lucci, Scarlett Johansson, Chef Andre Rush, MASH Star Loretta Swit, and Veteran JW Cortes. Guest speakers include Commissioner of Veterans Services for the City of NY, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and leadership from the NYPD, the Open Center, and the David Lynch Foundation. Karen and I invite you to learn more about Anne and Operation Warriors upcoming event on October 22nd by visiting I think you will find it to be a most rewarding and worthwhile cause.

Beyond her advocacy for veterans, Anne has pursued an accomplished business career. She has been recognized by SMART CEO Magazine with the BRAVA Award for "entrepreneurial leadership with a sense of give back to the community" and has served as a Board Advisor to the Skin Cancer Foundation, VOICE Ovarian Cancer at Mt. Sinai Hospital, as well as volunteerism with the American Cancer Society, the National Osteoporosis Foundation and other women's health advocacy groups. Anne is previous Founder/Publisher of, Founder/Publisher of Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing, and currently an Acquisitions Editor for a major NYC Publisher and a publishing and marketing consultant to new and previous authors.

Anne is someone we can all learn from. A little effort goes a long way!

Quotes of the Week: Confidence

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Dale Carnegie

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Helen Keller

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.”'

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.”

Stan Smith

“When you have a lot of confidence and you feel like nobody can beat you, it's game over for everyone else.”

Jason Day


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