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MEDIA - WMUR: Lucas flattered by recruitment efforts, but focused on Newport revitalization


NOT RULING IT OUT. Republican business executive Jay Lucas says he is flattered by the number of people reaching out to him to ask him to get back into elective politics. But for now, Lucas is focused on a project of love for his hometown of Newport.

Twenty years ago, Lucas was the Republican nominee for governor, losing to then-Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.

He re-emerged earlier this year by authoring “American Sunshine,” his first book, which gives an optimistic view of America’s future.

Earlier this year, Lucas hosted a fundraiser for Gov. Chris Sununu at his Manhattan office. But he said Wednesday that while he is not ruling out a bid for office, “I’m focusing totally on the positive things I can do for my hometown of Newport,” through a revitalization project he is spearheading known as the Newport Sunshine Initiative.

He also continues to be active in Children of Fallen Patriots, a nonprofit foundation that provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Lucas is also proud that his son, Gates Lucas, is about to take office as a state representative some 40 years after Jay Lucas served in the House.

“Yes, there are people reaching out to me to ask me to get back into elective politics again and the true answer is that I’m not looking at it right now,” Jay Lucas said. “I’m totally flattered and looking for a way to make a positive impact. I won’t rule it out.”


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