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Mentors With A Mission – How The Positive Impact Happens

Mentor Experience – Knocking on Doors – Father and Son – Sunapee, NH

This past fall, I was so very fortunate to enjoy one of the best mentoring experiences a dad could ever ask for. Gates had decided to run for election to the NH House of Representatives and reached out to me for advice and support. Having served two terms as a State Rep, when I was in college, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help. To share my experience and lend a helping hand. (Please enjoy Gates’ reflections on the experience above.)

We knocked on more than one thousand doors together – blanketing the towns of Sunapee and Croydon. What a wonderful experience. And, while I hope I was able to make a positive contribution, I know one thing for sure. The benefits I received as a mentor (me) were at least as much and probably far more than those received by Gates. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Women Mentoring Women

‘Peer to Peer Mentoring’ is terrifically powerful. This is what happens when peer groups get together – sometimes with a leader – to engage in a group exercise to learn, share experiences and to a large extent bond as human beings.

This is exactly what occurred on Wednesday this week in Newport. Women sharing a great morning making beauty with dot art! Thank you to our instructor Jeane, our wonderful hosts at the Library Arts Center, and for all the Newport area ladies that came out to create art together. Newport Women's Group is building!! And ‘Peer to Peer Mentoring’ is making a positive contribution.

Liberty House – Shaping Lives for Veterans

Liberty House is an inspiring story with a truly compelling mission. Providing transitional housing for deserving veterans. Located in Manchester, its residents stay for up to a year and follow the organization’s ‘4 Step Model’ – Recovery, Health and Wellness, Employment, Housing. So, it is much more than simply ‘housing.’ Liberty House connects veterans with community resources, helps them find employment and sets them on a path to accomplish their goals. In short, it helps them ‘get back in the game of life.’

To learn more about this great organization, please visit: You will read a fascinating story about how Liberty House was even founded – as the result of the sinking of an American ship, the USAT Dorchester in World War II. Hats off to a great mission!

Profile of the Week: JP Marzullo

JP Marzullo is a true New Hampshire leader and patriotic spirit. He is also a dear friend.

His passion for veterans is amazing. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board at Liberty House in Manchester (described above) and along with his wonderful wife, Donna, JP has sponsored and mentored over 14 midshipmen while earlier living in Annapolis, MD, near the U.S. Naval Academy. Knowing JP and Donna, it is impossible to overestimate the positive impact that they have made on these young individuals’ lives.

While he has had a successful career in medical imaging, we primarily know JP in NH for his dedicated public service and support for veterans. Having been a candidate for State Senate, now serving as a Representative in the NH Legislature (along with my son, Gates) and a two-term town selectman.

However, not everyone knows this wonderful ‘fun fact’ about JP that I only learned earlier this year. While JP was earning his degree at Bridgeport University, a double major in Philosophy and History, he was a terrific college football player. Then, are you ready for this….subsequently, a running back with the New York Jets! And, here is the best part. Even caught passes from the legendary Joe Namath.

New Hampshire is proud to have JP as a leader and friend. We could certainly use more dedicated citizens like JP.

Quotes of the Week – Mentors

Oprah Winfrey

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Oprah Winfrey

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost


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