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Stories Of Inner Strength In A Crazy World

How To See Truth When The World Seems Full Of Gloom

We all have encountered something in life that for an instant seems impossible. You could give up, cower in a corner, and hope it goes away, but we all know that’s just not reality. You must face it, good or bad, and handle the situation. Our inner strength is what keeps us pushing. While situations and experiences differ, everyone at least once in their life has had to depend on that inner strength to guide them. Whether it is mental strength, physical strength or strength of the soul, we all carry an indescribable power inside of us that helps us through the hardest, darkest times. Our personal inner strength is something to be admired.

I have a dear friend who lives with a life-threatening illness. He could choose to live somberly, wishing situations were different but he doesn’t. Quite the opposite, actually. His inner strength pushes him to live the fullest, most rewarding, and most loving life most of us only dream of.  Inner strength can do amazing things, it can change a life, it can improve a community, and it can help you live a happy, satisfying life even when the cards are stacked against you. I urge you to look inwards this week and think about your inner strength. What has it helped you accomplish?

Inner Strength Makes A Community Unstoppable

Nowhere is inner strength more alive than in America’s small towns. Every time I visit my hometown of Newport, NH, I witness a strength that I never knew existed. I connect with mothers, with students, with business owners who speak of the tough times in the past.  How Newport experienced a long slow economic decline.  The toll that has taken on families and the community at large.  They could easily give up, ask for help, or just move. But they don’t. They love their town, their families, their businesses and they work endlessly to ensure the future of Newport is brighter than the past.

Next Wednesday, Oct. 9th, we will be hosting our monthly Newport Sunshine Initiative meeting at the Sugar River Valley Tech Center right in Newport. The Sunshine Initiative has taken root because of the inner strength that every Newport resident shares. They know it won’t be easy to bring opportunity and prosperity back to the Sunshine Town, but they are determined, as we all are, to see it through. And, thankfully, Newport is on the move!  Persistence and inner strength are beginning to pay off in tangible results.  Optimism is in the air.  

Please join us Wednesday to hear all the updates and exciting projects we have going on. It’s always a fun evening! 

Paying Tribute To The Quiet Inner Strength Of Surviving Families

Every week, I send you a quick update about what NH Children of Fallen Patriots is up to - whether it be a fundraiser, a festival, or a touching human experience. Something I rarely do is shift the focus on what truly matters: the inner strength and resiliency of those kids and their families that we are helping. Think about it for just a moment: yes, we are trying to do our part by alleviating some of the cost of a college education for these families, but every single day they are still going about their lives without their loving mom or dad. That reality is heart breaking. It hits me to my very core. I admire the inner strength of these kids as they press onward and upward to work hard on achieving their goals and having a positive lifestyle, despite this devastatingly difficult hardship. It motivates Karen and me to continue to try and make a difference in their lives and in many others. It humbles us as we take on challenges in our own lives. It keeps us thankful for the blessings surrounding us. We pray for these kids and their families every single day, because we know they need it. As we enter into the week of our NH Children of Fallen Patriots Gala, I hope you'll keep this in mind. I hope you'll consider joining us as well, as we come together to make a difference. God Bless our troops and their incredible families.

Our Gala will take place at the LaBelle Winery in Amherst, this coming Thursday night starting at 5.30pm.

Profile Of The Week – Natalie Healy

In the infancy stages of our New Hampshire support for Children of Fallen Patriots I had the great honor of meeting a wonderful woman who makes every day about making a difference in the lives of everyone around her – and especially the military community. This person is my good friend, Natalie Healy of Exeter.

Natalie is the mother of Senior Chief Petty Officer Dan Healy who lost his life in a helicopter incident during operation Red Wings in Afghanistan.  Knowing there was need to help children, families, and veterans, Natalie started a foundation in her son’s memory and to impact the community in a positive way.

The Dan Healy Memorial Foundation raises money for scholarships for students who are pursuing a career in the trade industry or military service. In addition, the Dan Healy Memorial Foundation supports single mothers and seacoast veterans. But Natalie’s commitment to our veteran community goes beyond the amazing work she is doing within her foundation.

Natalie serves on the board of New Hampshire Supports Children of Fallen Patriots and is an active member in the Goldstar Mother organization. She tirelessly advocates for making each day a little bit better for those who deserve it most.

Thank you, Natalie, for all that you do. New Hampshire veterans and their families are better off because of your efforts.

Quotes Of The Week – Inner Strength

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways - either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. Thanks to the teachings of Buddha, I have been able to take this second way.” Dalai Lama

“Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.” Gregory Peck

“No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.” Alana Stewart

“People talk about great motivators, but I think motivation has to come from within the individual first, because if you haven't got that inner strength yourself, and belief and you want to do well, it doesn't matter what anybody else says. You have to have that; it has to be inbuilt.” Chris Coleman

“With the proper motivation, you can do anything. I was just a poor kid that ate pork and beans out of a can and apple sauce. I went from rags to riches. But it does take a lot of determination, inner strength, drive, and discipline.” Lee Haney


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